TNC Plastics Ltd

         Plastic Granulation and Recycling


An Innovative and independent approach to Granulating Plastics and Recycling



For further assistance and information on purchasing our products or alternatively you would like to sell material to us  

Please do not hesistate to contact us  and a member of staff will be on hand to assist you

We also offer granulation services to companies large or small and offer competitive rates and solutions to effective ways of recycling and reducing outgoing costs

TNC Plastics originally started out as a recycling and Exporting Company, with leading experience in transferring and exporting controlled waste to other countries outside the UK for recycling and reprocessing.


Due to changes in Goverment legislation and the growing need for the world to address enviromental issues , TNC Plastics evolved and adapted has a company to be able to Recycle and generate re useable material in the the UK and stop usable material being wasted and land filled



Contact Address:TNC Plastics Ltd, Unit 1 Liley Trading Estate,

                                   Liley Street,   Rochdale OL16 2AS

Registered Company: 7417837

Telephone no: 01706 860 619

Fax: 01706 860 611           





Enviroment Agency Registered No: EPR/FH0960KB/A001

Enviroment Agency Registered Waste Carrier: CB/WE5533YS 

We at TNC Plastics are a close Knit Team with experienced Team Members from all sectors of the Recycling Industry from Reprocessing to Manufacturing in the UK


The Core of our business derives from Purchasing a wide range of waste plastics from recycling companies, public sectors and manufacturers in the UK


This material is then re sorted and divided so they can be re processed and granulated into a manageable product we can guarantee to minimise has much has possible any  material we purchase going to landfill


We Buy All Types of Waste Plastics......


From packaging trays and Lump to Headwaste and Hard Rigid plastics or any other form


Collection and Delivery is available has we have reliable and close working business relationships with all our transport and haulier agents we use  



By combining experience with expert knowledge of environmental best practice, we are able to provide a new  innovative and professional approach to  waste recycling